KUKA——How to reflect the full range of services?

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In November 2014, a leading global manufacturer of industrial robots, Germany KUKA company unveiled 2014 China International Industry Fair robot exhibition; JS as KUKA robot in China only designated exhibition service provider, by virtue of a full range, high efficiency and service quality, and full of foresight of mechanical engineering design concept.

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Wonderful show KUKA leading global industrial robot, reform and development of the products and automation solutions; at the same time, to the first activity of China with the world the first 7 axis light agile robot "LBR iiwa",JS  is platform to integrate the advantages of resources, time-consuming 2 months time, from planning to the creative effort to build a a combination of lighting and stagecraft is full of science and technology and shocking "human-computer interaction" concert. For industrial robot show more anthropomorphic clever image opens a new chapter.

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In the eyes of JS in the Asia Pacific region, the creative director of Nascimento, every line display activities with their unique and authentic character and talent; in at the beginning of the creative Nascimento and his planning team is to "smart library card for you to create colorful future" as the theme, hope and the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots together gave birth to a miracle, to create a so far to show activity as the starting point the most shocking man-machine interactive video show.

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Activity exclusive custom music, dance and video and 9 minutes of the show time woven together. The interpretation of a very dynamic and passionate visual feast for all visitors to the site, after the show, visitors are invited to participate in question and answer session winning KUKA activity characteristics of the exclusive gift.